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The Greensboro Science Center

The Greensboro Science Center is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. It features an aquarium, a zoo, a museum, and a Treetop Adventure Park. The science center was established in 1957 and attracts over 400,000 visitors per year. The science center received accreditation from the association of zoos and aquariums in 2008 and the Treetop Adventure Park has been open since 2015.

Animal Discovery Zoological Park is home to many different animals including pandas, tigers, crocodiles, monkeys, and the animals are showcased in different exhibits such as the Kavanaugh Discovery House, Friendly Farm, and Davis Kelly Fountain of Youth and Discovery.

Wiseman Aquarium has a wide assortment of underwater animals such as sharks, stingrays, penguins, and otters to name a few.

The museum features Prehistoric Passages which are showcased in a touch lab where there are snakes, lizards, and a variety of reptiles as well as a Realm of the Dragons and Time Warner Cable’s Extreme Weather Gallery which are just some of what to see in the museum.

The penguins in the aquarium are African penguins that come from southwestern Africa. They are featured winter and summer in the temperature-controlled aquarium.

The octopuses in the aquarium as well as all the other creatures live in a controlled habitat. These habitats include the kelp forest and mangrove swamp. Also available from the aquarium is a stingray touch tank where you can touch stingrays and baby sharks.

The pandas in the zoo are specifically called red pandas and there are two of them at the zoo. One male and one female are covered from head to toe with red fur and they go in and out of their exhibit to walk around outside so if you missed them be sure to check back later.

In the museum, you will find lizards of all kinds including a Komodo dragon by the name of Drogo. He walks outside and in during the summer months but is inside during the winter inside a temperature-controlled area. The sheer size of this reptile makes for something interesting to see as well as seeing the way reptiles have adapted since the dinosaurs.

What’s new at the Greensboro Science Center Zoo is their Revolution Ridge Expansion. This expansion features 2 female and 12 male flamingos. They came from the Fort Worth zoo and will meet 6 more flamingos from Riverbanks zoo. Also, a serval who came from Moody Gardens named Kira will be joined at the Revolution Ridge Expansion. Two pygmy hippos also arrived and they will all be available to see as of late May 2021. All of these new arrivals will join the red pandas and more at the Revolution Ridge Expansion of the zoo.

Whether you are interested in wild animals, reptiles, underwater creatures or just having fun at the Treetop Adventure Park there is a lot to see and experience at the Greensboro Science Center. Fun for everybody as well as educational in the way the exhibits showcase knowledge about the different creatures on exhibit.

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