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Sunset Hills in Greensboro, NC

Sunset Hills is a friendly community in the area around Greensboro, NC and one of the nicest places in America. Sunset Hills was, in 2019, nominated as one of the “Nicest Places In America” finalists! Right next to the University of Greensboro and located west of downtown Greensboro, Sunset Hills is situated in the best location for those that want the suburban feel but are still near the city center. Sunset Hills is known for being a family-friendly neighborhood with many activities for children to enjoy, such as schools, parks, restaurants, shopping centers–you name it! For residents who live here or plan on moving to Greensboro soon, you’ll be happy to know that this incredible place has beautiful homes available at affordable prices. 

Sunset Hills is known for being a friendly community. This is one of the best things about the city. It is excellent for families and has the best schools. It’s also a holiday destination around Christmas time with events like The Festival Of Lights Parade and Santa Claus Night Out! 

The homes in this area are relatively affordable and come in a variety of sizes. But it is not the most affordable neighborhood in Greensboro. The average rental price of apartments in Sunset Hills is $1084, which is higher than the national average of $909. In addition, the average real estate price here is $299,597, which is also higher than the national average. This makes it 61% more expensive than neighborhoods in the US and 74% more costly than other Greensboro neighborhoods.

But this neighborhood also has some of Greensboro’s best schools, with Sunset Hills Elementary School, Sunset Hills Middle School, and Sunset Hills High School on the list of schools in the area. This neighborhood is also rich in history, with Sunset Hills Elementary School actually being one of Greensboro’s first schools and has been around since 1917. In addition, sunset Hills offers a great private school option, with the Greensboro Christian Academy being located in the neighborhood.

The style of homes in the area range from old, Victorian houses to the modern architecture of Newland. The scenery in Sunset Hills is excellent, with a lot of trees and nature. There are many parks in the neighborhood that offer plenty of amenities for children as well. West Forsyth Park is close by with a pond for fishing or paddling boats on. The nearest grocery store to the neighborhood is Aldi which has fresh produce, meat, and dairy. 

There are many activities for your enjoyment in the neighborhood, including the Sunset Hills Community Center, the Sunset Pool and Recreation Area, and the golf courses.

This neighborhood can be best described as a little country in the middle of Greensboro.

In conclusion, Sunset Hills is a friendly community with everything you would need. There are many activities to enjoy for children, adults, and seniors alike within the neighborhood, including backyards, parks, pools, golf courses, and nature walks. This family-oriented community is excellent for those who want the suburban feel but are still near-ish to downtown Greensboro.

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