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Mold Remediation and Water Damage Restoration

Mold Remediation and Water Damage Restoration Kernersville, NC

Greensboro Mold Remediation Inc. is a full-service mold removal and water damage restoration company helping clients across Kernersville, NC. With years of extensive experience in mold remediation and water damage restoration, Greensboro Mold Remediation Inc. is committed to customer satisfaction and takes pride in being one of the best service providers in Kernersville, NC. The water damage experts of Greensboro Mold Remediation Inc. are well trained in mold removal in residential and commercial settings.


Mold growth is a serious concern

Molds are parasitic contaminants that produce toxins and affect the indoor air quality of a building. Mold growth also poses serious concerns for the health of its residents and visitors. The health hazards associated with the mold problem demand urgent action against its growth. Water acts as a catalyst for mold spread in any area. Buildings with moisture issues, such as vacant buildings with roof leaks or with high levels of humidity, make the best mold environments. Any structure without adequate ventilation can become a suitable site for moisture build-up. The causes behind such moisture problems may include landscaping, water leaks, poor drain system, or natural disasters like floods.

Greensboro Mold Remediation Kernersville, NC

Why do you need a mold inspection

The strong musty odor of mold can make it easy to smell but sometimes mold keeps on growing indoors on hidden surfaces and remains unnoticed until the problem has gone way out of control. The hidden surfaces may be the backside of walls, under countertops, stored boxes or old deserted furniture. Other common sites for mold growth are HVAC systems and air diffusers fixed in ceilings and walls.

It is highly probable that, if you have recently gone through any form of water damage or suspect mold, you should have a mold inspection completed by a professional company like Greensboro Mold Remediation, as an initial action to ascertain if remediation is necessary.

Greensboro Mold Remediation Kernersville, NC

What to expect after a mold inspection

Greensboro Mold Remediation is a group of skilled professionals who use modern technology to identify the source and level of any mold problem and propose a solution. Our experts will perform a visual inspection, conduct laboratory analysis for air quality sampling, temperature and humidity levels, moisture assessment and respirable particle sampling. After the identification of mold growth, the team will design a plan for complete mold remediation.

Greensboro Mold Remediation will also conduct a post-remediation test to make sure that all mold has been removed properly without any property damage.

When mold spread is identified in a residential or commercial property, the most important aspect is to discover the cause behind mold growth. After identification, it can be corrected and followed up with mold remediation to remove the mold issues.

Mold remediation requires professional assistance

Professional services are required for mold removal. It is a technical procedure and often demands that the materials, such as walls and flooring, be removed, restored or replaced. Without removing these materials, you may not be able to get rid of the mold completely. In some cases, deep cleaning does not serve the purpose. Mold spores are usually invisible until there is a very high concentration of them clustered close enough. It is impossible to confirm if a place is adequately cleaned with no more hidden spores, without a professional involved.

In severe water damage cases, a contaminated structure may need to be demolished without mold removal. In such cases, a well-resourced company can provide reliable demolition techniques, coupled with monitoring of air quality with state-of-the-art equipment. Greensboro Mold Remediation is a reputable company that has earned the trust of its customers by providing excellent mold remediation and water damage restoration service without ever compromising on quality.

Our standards are our strengths

The stringent standards of Greensboro Mold Remediation service will only allow experts in the field of inspection and remediation as team members. Our team of trained and skillful professional people has provided mold inspection and remediation for various residential, governmental, educational, and commercial clients who affirm that Greensboro Mold Remediation is a group that you can count on. We provide our services in Greensboro and several other neighboring towns.

Greensboro Mold Remediation Kernersville, NC

Our services

Greensboro Mold Remediation strives to serve all your water damage restoration needs including mold inspection, mold remediation, content restoration, twenty-four-hour support, proper guidance, thorough cleaning after remediation, dehumidifying and mold removal, etc.

Understanding the core demands of our service, we aim to protect property owners and workers from unnecessary liability. Greensboro Mold Remediation has completed numerous water damage restoration projects and saved properties including residential, large commercial buildings, governmental, healthcare and municipal buildings.

An important element in every mold remediation project is the development of a comprehensive plan. Spotting the places that need remediation, planning how to deal with the severity of the issue and how to dispose of the affected contents and documenting the health related aspects of the procedures determines the success of the project.

Greensboro Mold Remediation Kernersville, NC

Trust matters the most

At Greensboro Mold Remediation, we aim to provide excellent, guaranteed mold removal and water damage services. We are aware of the seriousness of quick spread problems with mold and are very skilled in our service. Our skilled and experienced team ensures that every affected surface is carefully removed and nothing that has had any exposure to mold spores is left behind to trigger the spread again.

Our mission is 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to restoration services. That is why we remain involved in the project for our clients from start to finish. We strive to deliver services that leave a lasting impression on our customers so they feel fully satisfied after the job is done.

We believe establishing an honest relationship with our customers is extremely important.

Contact us, we are here for you

If you have any concerns about water damage or need mold remediation, let us know. Call our number 336-502-7636 and remember we are just that one call away. Our 24-hour service will provide immediate guidance and our team will be at your home or business in Kernersville, NC to eliminate any issues you are facing without delay.