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Highland Park West: The Neighborhood With a Potent Nightlife Scene

A few miles away from downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, Highland Park West subdivision is a unique and quirky community with single-family homes. This neighborhood has a whole lot to offer residents. Highland Park has many bars, taverns, and grills to choose from. There are also plenty of restaurants that provide world cuisine in this area. Highland Park West is one of the best neighborhoods in Greensboro!

If you are a nightlife lover – a night owl – you will enjoy Highland Park. Residents in this area enjoy the best nightlife scene around, with many bars and restaurants to choose from. The majority stay open late into the night on Friday and Saturday nights.

Houses in Highland Park West are affordable, which means that if you plan to move to Greensboro or its neighborhood and want a place of your own in the future, Highland Park West is a great option. The average home here costs $197,500. If you’re seeking to rent, the median price of apartments is $985 per month.

The architecture in Highland Park West is a great reason to move here. You’ll find beautiful homes with a variety of different styles that are sure to suit your needs and desires. The vast majority of the homes here were built in the early 1980s. Highland Park West is a well-deserved option for our best neighborhoods in Greensboro because of its modern architecture.

The styles of homes here range from contemporary to traditional, and the houses are usually between one story to three. It is an excellent area for any family that needs space or wants an affordable home. The crime rate here is low. The public schools in the neighborhood are also well-rated. If you want your children to attend good schools, the public schools here are an excellent option, too. 

Each neighborhood in Greensboro has its own personality, and Highland Park West is no different. The area used to be known for being a predominantly white suburb, but the population has since diversified. Highland Park West is home to many great parks and green spaces that offer residents an escape from their busy lives or just a beautiful place to enjoy with friends and family.

Highland Park West, formerly known as Brookstown Heights, was renamed in 1970 when it was incorporated into the city of Greensboro, North Carolina. Businesses in Highland Park West range from small, locally-owned stores to large chains. The average household income for this neighborhood is $74,000 per year – which ranks high nationally. 

Highland Park West is located at the intersection of N. Elm St and Wrenn Rd in Greensboro, North Carolina. It’s easy to get around by car with nearby I-40 access from either north or south on 401 (Wrenn Road), east on 200, or west on 100/401 across Randleman Rd.

If you are a restaurant lover, Highland Park West has many great options for dining out and enjoying the nightlife scene – with all sorts of world cuisine. 

In conclusion, Highland Park West is a great choice for the best neighborhoods in Greensboro. The scenery here is beautiful, with a lot of green spaces, and the people are friendly. Highland Park West is a great place to raise your family in Greensboro. 

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