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Fisher Park: A Suburb Home to Nature Lovers

Fisher Park is a popular neighborhood near the city of Greensboro, North Carolina. With its being located in the north-central area of the city and surrounded by lush woods and family-friendly parks, Fisher Park is one of the best neighborhoods to live in. With nature trails, streams, stone bridges, and a playground for kids, it’s safe and perfect for raising a family with plenty to do. This article will provide information about Fisher Park’s history as well as its location benefits when compared against other neighborhoods in Greensboro.

The area was name after Captain J. Basil Fisher who originally owned the land from. He donated the property’s (swamp’s) lowlands for a city park. In 1909, it became Greensboro’s first suburb, and the area was quickly developed into homes for people who worked in downtown Greensboro.

The neighborhood features a mix of unique architecture from different periods, including Victorian, Bungalow, Colonial Revival, Craftsman-style houses. It is also home to one of Guilford County’s historic landmarks: The Fisher Park School.

There are over 900 residences in Fisher Park. These include condos, townhomes, apartments, and single-family homes. The community here is inclusive, where everyone is welcomed. It is a pet-friendly community with an on-site dog park and walking area for residents to enjoy the outdoors in their own way.

The average house costs around $400,000 while apartments are about $2000-$3000 depending on size. The property values for homes here are relatively affordable, with average household incomes averaging $59,000. 

The neighborhood has its own school system called Fisher Park Elementary School. Your children will be in good hands with the quality education and extracurriculars available to them.

The neighborhood also has a library, grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, and coffee shop, all within walking distance of each other. The living is easy here as Fisher Park continues its tradition of being one of Greensboro’s most desirable neighborhoods for family homes.

The National Register Of Historic Places has Fisher Park on its list because of the significance of its history. There are still some original homes in Fisher Park from when it was first developed by Mr. J.B. McLean, one of the founders and developers of Greensboro’s textile industry.

One of the many attractions Fisher Park has to offer is its access to nature. With a trail system, stream, and green space everywhere you look, it’s safe for the entire family to explore in this natural surrounding while also being close enough that kids can be back within a minute if their moms need them at home. 

Fisher Park is a great neighborhood for those looking to enjoy nature that offers an easy lifestyle with plenty to do within walking distances. For example, the area features the Fisher Park Library, which has many materials to borrow and hosts events for children. In addition, there is an outdoor playground that includes swings, slides, climbing structures, among other things, and bike trails for those who enjoy cycling or walking outdoors.

There are several grocery stores within walking distance of each other, including Harris Teeter, Aldi, and Smithfield Food Market. There are also several places to shop, including Belk, Target, and Walmart. With the presence of a Harris Teeter in the neighborhood, so you can keep your grocery shopping close by! 

The natural setting and location of Fisher Park in Greensboro make it the perfect place to live. The town also features homes of all different sizes, with most houses having large yards or even backyards where the kids can play. Life in Fisher Park is fantastic, and it’s a great place to raise your family.

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