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Brandt Trace Farms: Greensboro, North Carolina

Situated just off Route 840 in the northeastern fringes of Greensboro, NC, Brandt Trace Farms is a quaint and cosy neighborhood that is bordered by Battlefield on the east and Laurel Park to its west. The neighborhood has a population of around 200 and a total land area of 0.485 square miles. Owning to its modest size, the neighborhood does not house several major amenities, however, these are well within proximity.

Let us take a look at the major highlights of the neighbourhood starting with education and healthcare.

·         Education: Just a few blocks from the neighbourhood is the Greensboro Day School which is located on Lawndale Drive. Providing students with quality and joyful learning, the school caters to students of all age groups ranging from kindergarten through to 12th grade with an excellent learning and academic environment.

·         Recreation: With just a few miles’ drive, there are several recreational activities that residents can enjoy. These include:

o   Nat Greene Trail, Atlantic & Yadkin Greenway: This is a worthwhile hiking area which is located on the western side of the neighbourhood close to lake Brandt. With serene streams and hiking trails, this is a very popular place to visit for the residents with many preferring to celebrate occasions like Memorial Day here. There is also a wooden bridge called the Weaver Bridge in the Atlantic & Yadkin Greenway. With less crowding and a relaxing atmosphere, this is a must visit place to enjoy your day off with your family.

·         Dining and grocery: A few blocks drive of Lake Brandt Avenue, on Cotswold Avenue there are several prominent restaurants and fast-food chains to supplement your no-cooking weekends. These include Wendy’s, Monterrey Mexican Restaurant, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A etc. As for groceries and other amenities, this commercial spot also houses several grocery and convenience stores like Trader Joe’s, Giacomo’s Italian Market and the Home Depot.

·         Banking and financial services: The commercial spot on Cotswold Avenue and Battleground Avenue also houses branches of several financial institutions like Wells Fargo.

·         Religious institutions: The neighbourhood also houses the Providence Church Greensboro which is located just off Lake Brandt Road beside the Greensboro Fire Station 41.

·         Transportation: Though there are not many bus stops in the neighborhood, there is one on Old Battleground Road for the residents to avail public transportation. The Cotswold/Old Battleground bus stop is regularly serviced by Bus 8 which runs along the route between Depot Slip 8 and Cotswold Avenue, 3921.